Ali – The Summit of Glory

(This article is written in honor of Imam Ali – the divinely appointed first successor of Prophet Muhammad. In this article, is also mentioned the person Muawiya who was an open, staunch and wicked enemy of Ali and the family of Prophet Muhammad. Muawiya usurped the Caliphate and his wretched son Yazid was responsible for the massacre of the progeny of Imam Ali on the plains of Karbala in Iraq – a tragic event that is commemorated and mourned until today.)

Dirar al Kinani (a contemporary of Ali), when Muawiya forced him to say what he thought about Ali, he (Dirar) said : “By God, Ali was vast in stature, great in strength. He had the last word on any subject. He judged with justice. Knowledge sprung forth from his both sides. Wisdom came from every aspect of him. he kept away from the splendors of the world and befriended the loneliness of the night. He was full of tears for men and thought much. Rough clothes and coarse food were enough for him. H was among us like one of us. He was amenable to us when we came to him. He answered us when we questioned him. By God, when he was close to us and near to us, we would hardly dare speak to him out of awe of him. Yet he magnified men of religion and brought the poor close to him. The strong could not exploit his lack of means and the weak did not despair of his justice”

Ali was like an independent believing community in its very essence, which speaks with the rationality of time and expresses the maturity of time gives form to the final stages of the ascent of man and the summit of glory. It is not right for Ali to be compared with other individuals, for he is only of such texture. It is wrong for it to be said of Ali that he was the most outstanding, the most God fearing, the noblest and the most generous of men while you examine the lives and human qualities of great men. Just as it is not possible for you to compare the splendor of the earth with the moon in its quality of brilliancy or to compare radium with other minerals in essence. So it is not possible for you to compare the name of Ali with the names of great men. Because the qualities of Ali transcend usual limits and because his personality has attained the summit of glory and the highest ideal in the world of men.

Oh lost man! let Ali guide you as he himself is the Straight Path referred to in the Noble Qur’an. Find Ali to find the path to your Creator.


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