Whose path should I follow?


[NAE’MAAT: favors, bounties, blessings, gifts
GHADHAB: displeasure, anger, wrath
DZAALLEEN: astray, lost, misguided, deceived]

(Through the above verses the Creator himself teaches us how to pray for guidance.)

Oh lost man! You are in need of guidance from the Creator. Read and reflect on the verses quoted above. In order to be guided, we are being directed to seek the path of certain chosen individuals – the ones on whom He has bestowed his bounties, favors, blessings. These individuals are the models, examples and the source of guidance whom we must seek and emulate. The Creator has guaranteed the presence of these chosen individuals until the end of the world. These are the Ahlul Bayt.

Why should I not pray for the bounties and favors directly? Why should I seek their path? I leave this for you to reflect on. The answer will dawn on you one day – the day when you identify these individuals. When you are connected to the source of guidance – there will be no limit to the favors and bounties.

Another question arises – what are these bounties and favors? Is it material wealth and worldly (sensual) pleasures? Realize that even the greatest tyrants and oppressors in history were provided with these short lived pleasures in abundance.

Oh lost man! It is your duty and your most important task to seek these chosen individuals so that you may be guided through their personalities and through the bounties that Allah has conferred upon them.

Until then we are all in a terrible state of loss!


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