The Wrong Path

Beware Shaytaan is lurking around, waiting to mislead you

The Wrong Path-     Warning!


Iblis (Shaytaan) wants to misleadyou away from the straight path to the wrong path. He says to Allah (s.w.t.)

“Because You have sent me astray,surely I will sit and wait (to ambush) against them (human beings) on Your straight path”

I will come to them from before and from behined and from their left and from their right and You will not find them grateful (to You) ( Qura’n 7:16-17)



Someone saw Shaytaan in a dream carrying long ropes on his shoulder.

He asked Shaytaan, “What are these?”

Shaytaan replied, “These are some nets I have prepared to catch the people.I drag them to the Hell ensnared in these nets.”

Shaytaan once went to Prophet Musa (a.s.) attired incolourful dress Prophet Musa (a.s.)asked him why he had worn the colourful dress andShaytaan replied,” I don’t tempt my victims in one way. I tackle every person differently to lead him to the Hell.



Regarding people of suspicious natures,

-I create doubts in their minds about cleanliness,correctness of the ablutions performed by them and correctness of the prayers offered by them.

As for a person who is careless in matters of Faith:-I tempt him to become more so!-I tempt others to indulge in gossip and backbiting.

– I tempt some people to indulge in bribery and theft.


In a nutshell, I tempt people in different ways to make them earn Hell in the Hereafter!”

Be Warned ! ! !


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