letters to Allah


i hope you remember the person in hazrat moosa’s regime , who used to commit a sin again and again after asking for forgiveness. You got so angry at that man that You said You will never forgive him this time if he repeats the sin after forgiveness. Considering your message, he asked for forgiveness, but after a few days of resistance he again committed the same sin. YOU got so angry, so angry that You said ” I will never forgive this man again, how ever many times may he repent”. Hearing this verdict from YOU, he ran into desert and started crying loudly. He said ” Ya ALLAH ! How come you can not forgive me? Tell me Ya ALLAh, what a sin i have done which is greater than your mercy ? Are my sins greater than Your Mercy? If it is so, do not forgive me. Instead, write sins of all the man kind in my part, i’ll take their sins as hadiya! Hearing this you said “Musa! Go tell that man tha his LORD has forgiven him. And would keep on forgiving him until he asks for forgiveness”

Ya ALLAH! i’ll ask for your forgiveness in the same way. You are my first and last hope. If you will leave me, who else would support me? whom should i refer to! i know, i have blackened the earth and sky with my sins. I know my sins are too much, i know i have always asked for forgiveness and still repeated the sin. But YOU said you would forgive your slave even if his sins have blackened the earth and skys, oceans and heavens ! Just if he asks for forgiveness.
Dear ALLAH! i am asking for your mercy, i beg you do not leave me in this darkness i have chosen for my self. I need Your help ya ALLAH. You are my only source of light, my only hope !
Dear ALLAH tell me ! tell me which of my sins has crossed the limits of your mercy? which of my sins is so great that your endless oceans of compassion have grown small ! YOU said  “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.”(surah ghafir). Dear Allah your slave is calling you, i am crying ya ALLAH, hold my hand! lead me to your path. I regret ! Dear ALLAH i openly admit and regret my mistakes. Accept me back, i know have transgressed my self, but if YOU too leave me like other, i have no place to go. I will be left with no single little piece of land on earth to stand upon. Don’t leave me, Don’t leave me ! please, i beg don’t leave me!
I feel guilty, i crossed YOUR set limits willingly. None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah)), Glorified and Exalted are You, above all that evil they associate with You, Truly, I have been of the wrong-doers. I have been of the worst of the wrong doers. I submit my self to YOUR will now ! Accept me in your service and never let my heart turn back towards the darkness. I submit my self to YOUR will my dear ALLAH! with a firm believe, that you would never reject or refuse me.

Yours Truly Servant !


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