Gems of Guidance from Imam Sadiq(as)


A companion said to Abu Abdillah, Jaafar bin Mohammad(as), “May I sacrifice my life for you. Give me some advice.”

Imam Jaafar bin Mohammad(as) replied:

I advise you to fear Allah and to act piously. I advise you to worship (Allah) and increase the length of your prostration.

I advise you to be trustworthy, truthful and to be pleasant in company. Visit your tribes, visit the ill and be present at the time of the burial of (the believers).

Live in a way that adorns us in the eyes of the people instead of defames us.

Make people love us and do not incite their hatred toward us. Pull their love toward us and push away everything that is evil from us.

Whatever good is said about us is true and I swear to Allah that we are not like anything negative that is said about us.

The book of Allah mentions that we have rights over people, that we are the closest to the Messenger of Allah(saww) and that we are the ones who are conceived legitimately. So tell these things to the people.(This indicates that Imam(as) has advised us through the companion to tell their fazael/merits/virtues to the people)

I swear to Allah that you (Shia) are on the right and shining path, so help us by living piously and striving hard in learning our affairs. You will be known, for Allah will reward you with special rooms in palaces in Paradise.

Those who work for the people will be rewarded by the people and those who work for Allah will be rewarded by Allah.

Do not strive (for sustenance) thinking that you have the upper-hand and do not abandon working (for your sustenance) because you count on destiny. Know that desiring blessings is from the traditions (of the Prophet) but seek only that which you require.

Abstinence will not push any sustenance away from you and greed will not bring any blessings closer to you because sustenance is predetermined and death is timed. Greed will lead you to inherit all of the other sins.

Make sure that Allah does not find you absent from where He has ordered you to be and make sure He does not find you where he has forbidden you to be.

If a slave is thankful in his heart for a blessing that Allah has bestowed, he will earn more blessings even before he thanks (Allah) with his tongue.

If you cannot thank Allah for His blessings with your actions, make sure (at least) you thank Allah increasingly with your tongue – and having the ability to thank Allah with your tongue deserves thanking Allah?’

Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 8, Hadees 4 / Bihar ul Anwar, Vol 78, Pg 109/ Vol 68, Pg 89/ Vol 103, Pg 27 / Al Wasael, Vol6, Pg 309


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