Stories from the Quran – Foreword



Stories from the Quran

The way we tell stories in the Quran is pretty tragic.. I am starting this thread and i hope it would be useful particularly for parents with young kids.

Stories in the Quran are incredible. The amount of detail in every ayah is mind-blowing.. Allah takes you to the scene; It is as if you are witnessing it yourself… No one tells a story better than Allah, the subtleties are incredible.. Every story serves a purpose and there are no unnecessary details that serve no purpose to the story being told. The story is told to address a point and is related to the central idea or theme of the surah.

Example: Allah talks about the story of dawud and Ǧālūt (David and Goliath) in surah baqarah, where a young man kills a great commander Ǧālūt. Here, a small army was able to defeat a big army… Just before this story, the muslims have just been commanded to fight in badr for the first time…. Allah uses this story to encourage the small Muslim army that was coming up against a bigger army.

Allah says when telling the story : ‘How often a small force has defeated a large army with God’s permission! God is with those who are steadfast.’ (Surah baqarah). Allah also reveals the prayer made by Talut(Saul) army asking for patience before battle: Ufrigh ‘alayna sabran wa thabbit aQdaamanaa wa aNSurnaa ‘ala-al Qawmi al kaafireen’ – ‘Our Lord, pour patience on us, make us stand firm, and help us against the disbelievers,’

The early muslim were given the courage, the hope and even the prayer to say for the battle that was coming just by Allah relaying the story… All stories in the Quran serve a purpose and are related to the general theme of the surah, there are no unnecessary details. Even when stories are repeated, There is always something remarkable that addresses the theme of the surah.

Parents should understand the depth of these stories and be able to tell their kids… They are fascinating stories… We would start with Musa (Alayhi salam) and then move to the most beautiful story, the story of Yusuf (Alayhi salam).

Please make du’a


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