What are the Pillars of Islam


Pillars of Islam = Usul-e-Deen

Obligations of Islam = Furo-e-Deen

(Usool-e-Deen are the principles of Islam, whereas Furoo-e-Deen represent the articles of the faith of Islam)

5 PILLARS OF ISLAM (Shia) (Usul-e-Deen)

1. Monotheism: The Oneness of Allah (Tawhid)
2. Divine Justice (‘Adl)
3. Prophethood (Nubuwwa)
4. Succession to the Prophet Muhammad (S) (Imamate)
5. The Day of Judgement and the Resurrection (Qiyama)

5 PILLARS OF ISLAM (Sunni) (Usul-e-Deen)
1.Shahadah: declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger
2.Salat: ritual prayer five times a day
3.Zakat: giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy
4.Sawm: fasting and self-control during the blessed month of Ramadan
5.Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime[5][6] if he/she is able to[7] Obligations of Islam (Shia)(Furu’-e-Deen)

1. Salat
2. Sawm (Fasting)
3. Zakat
4. Khums
5. Hajj
6. Jihaad
7. Enjoining Good
8. Forbidding Evil
9. To love the friends of Allah, Rasool and Imam
10. To disassociate from the enemies of Allah, Rasool &Imam

Obligations of Islam (Sunni)(Furu’-e-Deen)

2. Nabuwat (Prophethood)
3. Qiyamat (Day of Judgement)


Shia Islam


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