The True Stories


Author: Ayatullah Dastaghaib Shirazi

Category:Stories – Narrative,

Tags:The True Stories,Ayatullah Dastaghaib Shirazi,,Stories – Narrative


Imam  Musa Kaazim (A.S.) has said : In the beginning of creation man did not dream (see visions in sleep).  God gave him this attribute afterwards. The reason was that God sent a prophet to invite his community (the people of his time) towards Guidance. When he commanded them to obey and to worship the Lord of the worlds they asked what would gain by worshipping God? “When we see that your condition is no better than ours?”  The Messenger replied :  If you obey the Lord your reward is Paradise and if you do not listen to me and will disobey me , your destiny will be Hell.  They asked :  What is Paradise and Hell ?  The Messenger explained the two to them at length.  They asked : When shall we reach there?  He said : After your death.  They replied : What we see is that those of us who have died already have lot and mixed up with the dust !  Nothing of what you have described is for them.  Thus they refuted the Messenger.  Then God enabled them to see dreams.  They saw in their dreams that they are eating and drinking, walking, talking, hearing etc. etc.  but after awakening they could see no effect of anything therefrom.  So they went to the Messenger and described their dreams.  The Messenger said :God desired to complete HIS argument before you.  The condition of your souls is also similar.  When you will die, though your bodies will mix up with dust and disappear, your souls (spirits) will suffer the Divine punishment or enjoy peace and pleasure. 



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