They control people’s life everyday

Abdullah was an oil seller, living near Imam Reza (A.S) for a while. Once, when he was at the presence of him, he asked, please pray for me and my family. Imam said, do you think I don’t pray for you? Your actions are shown to me every night and every day. Abdullah said, accepting that (that Imam is aware of our all actions) was difficult to me. Imam said, didn’t you recite this verse in the holy Book

“say: ‘Allah will see your works and so will his messenger and the believers; then you shall be returned to the knower of the unseen and the visible, and he will inform you of what you were doing.” (Holy Quran, 9:105)

Then he said,’ I swear by God that the word “faithful” in this verse refers to Ali ibn Abi Talib and his infallible descendants.  According to this verse, the faithful are the infallible Imams who do see us.

One of the Shias in the time of the commander of the faithful (A.S) said:
I was terribly sick. I approached Imam Ali (A.S). He said, o Ramile! No faithful becomes sick unless we become sick, as well, because of him and he never gets upset unless we become too and he doesn’t pray unless we say “Amen” to his pray. And he never keeps silence unless we pray for him.

I said, O’ The commander of the faithful! May God sacrifice me for you! This is true for those who live with you, but what about others who are far from you?
He answered, “O’Ramile! No faithful in the East or West is hidden from us.”
According to this, infallible Imams can see us, no matter where you are.



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