How do we know that we are doing the right thing?


How do we know that our work is correct and the way Allah (swt) wants?

We have our environment and our upbringing sometimes clashing with islamic teachings, we find things claimed to be a taboo in our community but made halal by Allah (swt) we are being raised on backbiting as a norm and lying is something to be considered as a vernacular among the people, we would be having conflict in our mind not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, the Islamic teaching isn’t cultivated in our system the way it should be! We misunderstood the formula, we’ve being brought up as :” what could islam do for me?” Not, what can I do for islam? This is where the problem starts.

Often we find ourselves in a situation that we have to speak up and guide someone we love and stop them from doing something that would harm them, or would harm others; but we stop, we don’t speak, we feel that we talk a lot or who are we to change the world, ignoring that it is an obligation to mandate good and forbid evil. Culture often wins in these situations not to mention the fear and the care we have for people’s feelings, you see,this is where we’ve got it wrong, because if we truly care about the people we would care about their akhira.

Then again, that’s something that won’t happen over night. That’s something that’s integrated in our system, in our ethics, that’s something that comes from our inner soul as a reflex.

It starts with a total purification of our hearts, a total submission to the Lord of the Worlds, and when our selves is in total submission we find ourselves automatically choosing the right choices and following the orders of Allah (swt) with ease!

Putting in mind that this life is nothing but a test, Allah (swt) explain this beautifully in sourat Al Ankabout:


Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried?

So the trials are for the believers, that’s the way this life is, but you see, when we are submitting to the laws of Allah (swt) when we have this drive in our mind and our heart and we see no one but Him..Nothing and no one’s opinion nor existence would matter to us, we wouldn’t care if anyone loves/hates us, we wouldn’t care about the plastic impressions we have on others, we wouldn’t care if we pass in this materialistic world or not, our only aim is to please Allah (swt) we would ignore the culture, community standards and our own upbringing and environment , our hearts would be inclined to only satisfy Allah (swt), so then and only then we would be able to say that we are on the right path.

May we all be on this path, may we all be given the strength and the ability to go farther and wider than we could ever imagine, may we all be blessed and rise we the Imam of our Time Sahib Al Asr Wal Zaman (ajfs).



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