He is the Best of Planners


“…It may be that you dislike a thing while God has placed in it abundant good.” –  (4:19).

I came across this line earlier today in the Holy Quran and realised just how true it was. I was thinking about how many times we face obstacles and trials in our lives and how often we deem them as entirely problematic. So many times in which we think that God has forgotten about us, or that He is ignoring our prayers when we ask Him for help. So many times in which we see a trial as the worst possible thing that could happen to us, as something which is going to negatively affect our lives. I don’t just mean big things like physical or mental health problems or the loss of a close family member or friend, but just the little things that we face day-to-day. You know those days when you oversleep, miss the train, forget your wallet and fall down the stairs? Those little obstacles that stand in the way of what we perceive as a good day, the major or minor trials we have to deal with regardless of how much we don’t want to.

It’s so easy to forget in our daily lives that God is there, He is All-Knowing and All-Merciful. He is looking over us and protecting us, and He remembers us when we remember Him. The verse got me thinking about how each trial we face is in our way for a reason. We might not understand the reason and it is easy to think in that situation that God has turned His back on us. But in reality, God gives us obstacles so that we can overcome them and gain strength through them, to remember to ask Him for help and not forget Him in our pursuit to overcome them. Each trial we face is a symbol of love, to allow us to put our entire faith in God and remember that He does not burden us to an extent that we cannot bear.

Okay, it’s hard to think of a positive to those little annoyances we face every day and we may never be able to be that optimistic, but it is so important to remember that God knows exactly what is best for us even if we cannot see it. Struggling with an illness for example, mental or physical, is often a time in which people strengthen their faith because they need to believe that a Higher Being out there is listening to them and acknowledging their difficulties. While we should remember God not only through the bad times but rather always, it is so essential to know and understand that even if we loathe a situation God has put us there for a reason, He knows what is good and bad for us and He loves us in a way which we cannot even fathom. A lack of that understanding and faith is the real obstacle to our pursuit of happiness.

“They planned and God too planned, and surely God is the best of planners.” – (3:54).


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