This is the dress


This is the dress of The Women of The Holy Household and the dress of The Wives of The Believers and Loyalists of Ahlul Bait. This is the Revolution of Sayeda Fatima and Sayeda Zeinab (as).

This is their triumph and Victory over Ignorance, Objectivity, Vanity and Exhibitionism.

This is the struggle and Jihad of females. Not only men can conquer and revolutionise the world. Women have the power to as well.

This is not Weakness. It is Strength. This is not Oppression, this is control and Censorship from evil glances.

This is Piety, this is Grace, Honour, Respect, Dignity, Glory and Humility to Allah (swt).

This is Sacrifice and Determination.
It is easy to blend in to the masses, it takes fortitude to stand apart for the favor of The Creator The Al-Mighty.

This is Elegance, Grave and Beauty.



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