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Salaam Alaikum,

I’ve compiled this list of lectures from the 2014 Muharram season. A lot of you might already know these speakers but I still recommend listening to every speech and series during your free time as they speakers are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, inshallah.

I personally recommend the series by Khalil Jaffer, Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani, Maulana Syed Asad Jafri, Shiekh Hamza Sodagar, and Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo.

Note: The mp3 speeches for Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo were recorded from my phone. They might not be the best quality so I apologise for any inconsistencies you might come across in the recordings. They are also hosted on my dropbox which has a daily bandwidth limit; if you’re unable to download them because of that, please try again in a 24-48 hours.

Also, if you come across any incorrectly linked speeches, please fix it when you reblog and inform me so I can fix it from my end as well, inshallah.

Please reblog and share, Jazakallah.

Br Khalil Jaffer


Sheikh Usama Abdulghani

Maulana Syed Muhammad Baqir Qazwini

Syed Ammar Nakshwani

Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo

Maulana Syed Asad Jafri

Sheikh Amin Rastani

Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

Sheikh Mahdi Rastani

Hassanain Rajabali

Sheikh Vinnay Khetia

Br Ali Al-Najjar

Sheikh Hamid Waqar – The Sins of Yazid

Sheikh Hammam Nassereddine

Revision #1 —

Updated Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo
Updated Sheikh Hamza Sodagar
Updated Maulana Syed Muhammad Baqir Qazwini
Updated Sheikh Mahdi Rastani

Revision #2 —

– Updated Maulana Syed Muhammad Baqir Qazwini
– Added Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussein

Revision #3 —

– Added Br Ali Al-Najjar
– Added Sheik Hamid Waqar

Revision #4 —

– Added Sheikh Hammam Nassereddine

Revision #5 —

– Removed Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussein


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