How to pray step by step

How to Pray



Conducting Your Prayer – Step by Step Instructions with Recitation and Translations

This sections offers an interactive mode of illustrating on how to perform our 5 daily prayers, conducteted by his Eminence Grand Ayatollah Makaerm Shirazi. 


A Amiralmomenin School production, this interactive based clip has both pictures to illustrate the positions, tajweed recitation in Arabic and both English and Arabic texts that are colour coded as reciated.


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An informative tool to help us to ascend closer to Allah the All Mighty


Play Interactive Video – Step by Step Instructions on how to Perform our Prayers


Download PDF Brochure on How to Perform our Prayers


Wudhu / Preparation 

Tayammum Preparation 


Adhann / Call for Prayer 


Conducting Farj Prayers 


Zohr & Asr / True Noon & Declining Day 


Maghrib & Isha’a / Off the Setting Sun & After Sunset


Prayer of Signs of God / Namaaz-e-Ayat / Salaat al-Ayat


Night Prayer / Namaaz-e-Shab 


Wahshat Prayer


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