How To Pray – Abridged Version (27 minutes total)- In Depth Version (28 lectures)

This video series has been prepared particularly for those new Muslims who cannot read the Holy Quran in Arabic. By uttering “the Shahadah”, they confirm their faith in the Oneness of God and declare their total submission to His Commandments, as revealed to His last Prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family), and accept the 12 successors appointed b Allah in the Quran, and the Holy Prophet throughout his life. You can find it here: Abridged Version (27 minutes total)

This video series has been prepared for any and all Muslims who wish to perfect their salah in the minutest details. Whether it is how to properly sit in between sujoods, to how the fingers and toes should be placed, to the direction and method of washing the arms in wudhu, to the finer details of what should and should not be recited/performed in each part of the prayer and wudhu. This is a more in depth, and rigorous course than the above video link. Each lecture is about an hour long. In Depth Version (28 lectures)

Last 3 video in the serie.