Khutbaat Of Masomeen (asws)

Audio Khutbaat

There are hundreds of khutbaat from Nehjul Israr and Nehjul Balagah in MP3 format. You can listen khutbaat online or download to your computer. Please leave your feedback so that we can improve the quality of our work.

Nehjul Israar – Part 1

Nehjul Israar – Part 2

Nehjul Israar – Part 3

Nehjul Israar – Part 4

Nehjul Israar – Part 5


Written Khutbaat


  BiBi Fatima asws Fadak Khutba    
  Kutab of Arbameyaan, 400 Ahadith of Mola Ali asws    
  Questions of Zandiqa on Quran    
  Sermon on Taqleed (An Extract)    
  Sermon of Intercession (Khutbat-ul-Wasila)    
  Masoom’s (a.s) Guidance On One’s Conduct In Life    
  Sermon on Innovations Speculations and Perceptions    
  First Khutbah Before the Battle of Jamal    
  Two Kinds of Habitants    
  Distinct Eminence Of Masomeen(a.s)    
  Self Recognition Is The Key To Recognition Of One’s Creator    
  Hub-e-Ali (a.s) and Bughz-e-Ali (a.s)    
  Seven Most Loved Things In Life    
  Khutbah-e-Tutunjiyyih (Sermon of The Gulf) Arabic Urdu
  Khutbah-e-Rajat (Day of Returning) Arabic Urdu
  Khutbat-ul-Iftikhár Arabic Urdu
  Khutba-e-Muarifat-e-Nuraniyyat Arabic Urdu
  Khutbah-al-Shiqshiqiyyah Arabic Urdu
  Khutbat-ul-Bayan Arabic Urdu
  Khutabah in Condemnation of Muftis (Nahjul Balagha, Sermon no. 18) Arabic Urdu
  Hadith-e-Tariq Arabic Urdu
  Rameela’s Tradition Arabic Urdu
  Minimum Ignorance Arabic Urdu
  Last Sermon of Imam Hussain as in Karbala Arabic Urdu

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