A Great Collection Of Shia Books In English And Urdu Language 

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Allama Murtaza Mutahhari

Imam Muhammad Shirazi

Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini

Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari

Allama Sayyid Murtaza Askari

Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Mohammad Tijani Smaoui

Imam Mohammad Jawad Chirri

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Miscellaneous Books












Bahar e Quran – Volume 01 Download
Bahar e Quran – Volume 02 Download
Imamia Deeniyaat – Level 01 Download
Imamia Deeniyaat – Level 02 Download
Imamia Deeniyaat – Level 03 Download
Imamia Deeniyaat – Level 04 Download
Imamia Deeniyaat – Level 05 Download
Salat – Step By Step Download
Grade 1 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 1 – History Book Download
Grade 2 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 2 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 2 – History Book Download
Grade 3 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 3 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 3 – History Book Download
Grade 4 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 4 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 4 – History Book Download
Grade 5 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 5 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 5 – History Book Download
Grade 6 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 6 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 6 – History Book Download
Grade 7 – Akhlaq Book Download
Grade 7 – Fiqh Book Download
Grade 7 – History Book Download
Grade Upper – Akhlaq Aqaid Book Download
Download Shia Books (English) (Urdu)


Holy Quran – Tafseer (Urdu)
Download Shia Books (Urdu)





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Download Shia Books (English)
Download Shia Books (Kids Section)

Noor al-Jinan

“Mafatih al-Jinan”,”Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah” and more


 Full text of 67 books in the fields of the main sources of du`as, translations, commentaries of du`as, and real reason for supplicating as well as a number of moral and mystical writings Full recitation of Mafatih al-Jinan and al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah 

 English translation of al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah together with transliteration of its du`as in English lettersEnglish translation of Mafatih al-Jinan (both comments and du`as) 

 Playing supplications, eulogies and elegies simultaneously with displaying tens of pictures of attractive religious places Today’s du`as, manners and practices 

 Standard and Advanced searches in the texts of the Program along with various research options 



Noor al-Wilayah

A Treasury of References of Imamate and Wilayah


 The full text of 187 hadith books in 442 volumes 

 Some 180 volumes of books having full diacritic marks: The Four Books (al-Kutub al-Arba`ah), Wasa’il al-Shi`ah, Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, and hadiths of Bihar al-Anwar Accessibility to text of the Holy Qur’an 

 All Hadiths narrated about each verse 

 Search in hadiths related to the selected verse 

 Limiting the Search range to (certain) Books, Authors, Centuries, and Contents 

 Search by using word list 

 Searching for combined words

 Making various lists by using “List-making” option

 Four independent user environments for keeping the researches done in each environment Linkage between texts and three Arabic dictionaries (Kitab al-`Ayn, Lisan al-`Arab, and Majma` al-Bahrayn 



 Jurisprudence Thesaurus Tree

A New Method in Presenting Jurisprudential Texts


 Thesaurus Tree of 57 parts of Islamic Jurisprudence

 Linkage between Jurisprudential parts and the text of the books compiled by scholars prior to Shaykh ??s? including: Jumal al`Ilm wa al-`Amal, al-Inti??r, al-N??iriyy?t, Fiqh al-Ri??, al-Muqni`, al-Hid?yah bi’l-Khayr, al-Muqni`ah, al-Ishr?f, and al-K?f? fi’l-Fiqh

 Displaying the thesaurus tree of jurisprudence in three orders: order of jurisprudential parts, alphabetical order, and topical order

 Reciprocal linkage between two or more branches in the same or different jurisprudential parts

 Extracting various lists based on the titles of Thesaurus Tree, Supplementary Titles, and Proper Names

 Standard and Compound searches in the Text and Contents of the books of the Thesaurus Tree

 Possibility of narrowing the research range through Part, Book, and Topic

 Jurisprudential Terminology on the basis of 6 reliable references

 Possibility of searching in the Program dictionaries through roots and derivatives

 Three independent user-environments 






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