Shia Muta Temporary Marriage The Ultimate Documentary

Shia Muta Temporary Marriage The Ultimate Documentary




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Playlist for the full documentary with all the different parts:…

(1) Muta is in the Quran – definitions & background information 
(2) Who prohibited the two Mutas – Umar’s Famous Sermon forbidding the two Mutas

(3) Who prohibited the Muta of Hajj 
(4) Companions who allowed Muta marriage 
(5) Companions who did Muta marriage Including Asmaa The daughter of Abubakr 
(6) Refuting the claims of the prohibition of Muta in the Quran and Hadeeth 
(7) shocking distortion and tampering of the hadeeths of Muta
(8) Sunni invented temporary marriages Misyar Misfar etc & reasons for Muta
(9) Common misconceptions about Muta – Muta is not Zina according to the Sunni schools of thought — instructions on how to perform Muta marriage 

Unprecedented documentary revealing many suppressed truths about Muta (temporary marriage) from a Sunni perspective: 
we have finally finished the documentary about temporary marriage. 
It is an extra ordinary comprehensive research which reveals many suppressed truths about Muta marriage from the sunni perspective. It exposes many shocking evidence and realities, which are kept hidden from the majority of the people. 
This documentary took a very long time to research and produce. In the process, it required the downloading of more than 4.8 Giga Bytes of books on PDF and Microsoft Word formats as well as hundreds of hours of work in the research and production process.
We are also planning to put all this together as one book along with the 2 or 3 DVDs containing the reference books used in the research. 

Temporary marriage is an alternative which would potentially solve many problems and prevent fornication and that’s one of the main motives that pushed me to undertake this project. It could affect the life of millions of people in both the current and the future generations to come. 
In order for this to happen, everybody who witnesses these truths is responsible for sharing them and helping spread the truth as the current media is overwhelmed by disinformation about this subject. 

If you are against the disinformation, do your part to combat falsehood by spreading the truth because the prophet has said : “the purifying of knowledge is teaching it”. 
Share on your facebook and groups and whatever means you have. I also give permission to re-upload on your own youtube channels if you want to do so, just acknowledge our channel so the viewers can visit and join our forum, ask questions or ask us for the book or DVDs in the future.

Quest for the Truth Productions
Research & presentation: 
Ali Mohamad 
Ali Mohamad & Z.M. 
Flute by:
Ahmad Mhamid

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Some important Topics extracted from the documentary and rearranged to show them at the start of the clips for those lazy people who will miss them because they give up quickly and will never know that these topics are covered in this docuemntery: 

Umars famous sermon forbidding the two Mutas (muta marriage and Muta of Hajj)…
Sunni invented temporary marriages Misyar Misyaf Misfar Binyat Attalaaq…
Refuting claims of quranic & hadeeth abrogation of Muta marriage (temporary marriage)…
Some possible applications of Muta marriage (temporary marriage)…
Muta temporary marriage is not Zina according to the sunni schools of thought…
How to perform a Muta (temporary marriage) contract…

Asmaa the daughter of Abubakr did Muta marriage as well as many other companions (sahabah)…



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